Episode 22 – Announcements on Season 2, the Who’s Your Mama Workbook and What’s Next

SPECIAL SOLO SHOW – Announcements on Season 2, the Who’s Your Mama Workbook and what’s next. Thank you SO much for tuning in to Season 1 of Who’s Your Mama, a podcast dedicated to creative mamas! I’m hoping that the last 21 episodes, and the awesome mamas interviewed therein, have inspired you to give quality time to your authentic selves. You deserve it, mamas! (Full transcript available below show notes…)


Show Notes:

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A relaxing hike and lovely family photo
A relaxing hike and lovely family photo


Creating the Who’s Your Mama podcast, curating guests, conducting interviews, and putting it all together (and out there into the world) for all of YOU has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life! I am currently working on Season 2 – with a focus on women creating space (whether physical, virtual, or emotional) for fellow mamas to strive and thrive creatively. If you know (or if you ARE) a mama doing just that, please visit WhosYourMamaPodcast.com and go to the “Be On the Show” tab to apply. Or shoot me an email at YourMamaPodcast [at] gmail [dot] com. Even if you don’t think the season’s focus describes you exactly, I want to hear from you! If there’s anything I’ve learned from this podcast, it’s that our collective voices and stories can help, and heal, other mamas in their search for identity, expression and solidarity.

Another cool little project in-the-works is the official Who’s Your Mama Workbook for (Re)Discovery that I’ve hinted at in recent episodes. It’s the workbook I wish that I had had in those early days (along with this podcast, of course), and I promise it’s going to rock. your. world. And as a graphic designer In Real Life, I assure you – it will be good lookin’ too! Visit the “Workbook” tab on the website to join the alerts email list, and be the FIRST to get your paws on some worksheet freebies in the near future!

While you sit and patiently wait for those goodies (just kidding! mamas don’t sit down!), I’ll be bringing you a 3-episode podcast mini-season, including a chat with a long-distance bestie (who happens to be a SAHM mom with no time and lots of creative energy), an interview with MY own mother, and an episode where the mics are turned and I reveal the Who’s Your Mama origin story. And don’t forget, you can always head on over to WhosYourMamaPodcast.com anytime to listen to the “Episodes” archive, as well as find insider show notes and recommended links.

For future announcements on ALL of these exciting projects, be sure to follow Who’s Your Mama on Facebook and Twitter. And if you don’t already, please subscribe on iTunes and leave a glowing review … Besides being much appreciated, both of those actions actually help others find the show! And if you’re feeling particularly lovey, go to the “Support” tab on the website to help me continue my crusade of motivating mamas just like us to conquer the challenge of maintaining a creative identity while raising a family. Let’s continue to reclaim our talents, hobbies and authentic selves together! Rock on, mamas!


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