Biggest (Hugest) Announcement!

At long last, and a good year-and-a-half after I first put pen to paper*, The (Re)Discovering Creativity After Motherhood Workbook is FINALLY available for purchase from Amazon! CLICK HERE to get your hot li’l hands on one of the very FIRST copies.


The (Re)Discovering Creativity After Motherhood Workbook is for mothers who desire to pursue personal fulfillment through creative hobbies, outlets, and activities, but don’t know where to direct their focus, feel guilty taking the steps to go after their dreams, or cannot logistically figure out how to fit creativity into their already busy lives.

Inside you will find:

A little bit of self-discovery and self-care journaling

A little bit of creative best practices

A sprinkling of productivity hacks and logistical planning

A handful of hands-on activities to get those creative juices flowing

A whole lot of much-needed encouragement and permission while you work toward the goal of reclaiming intentional, and ongoing, space for creativity—because you deserve this, mamas!

Buy YOUR copy here!

*A perfect example of honoring one’s creativity/creative practice, even while mired in the “Fertile Void” where “nothing” seems to be happening (but actually a LOT is, just below the surface).

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