Water Witching – My SheSpeaks Story

A few months ago, the unstoppable Lael Couper Jepson of SheChanges asked me to be a part of her annual (and extremely popular) SheSpeaks women’s storytelling event that came to pass just two weeks ago, in early December. Of course, I said yes – because I KNOW about the power of women’s stories (and I also know that it’s a good thing to get out of our comfort zones every now and then #introvert). The official blurb for my story – Water Witching – below:

How have I disconnected from the ability to access the creative depths within myself? What is it about becoming a mother that has caused me to lose sight of the most powerful portals into my being? Corinne is grappling with these questions as she finds her way back to her energetic source—where she used to swim freely with unapologetic entitlement. Corinne’s story will lift the veil on the ways we honor and abandon ourselves in this thing we call life.

Now that the dust has settled (and my nerves have mostly gone back to base level), I wanted to share the LIVE audio of my SheSpeaks story here, as it’s really the story of my journey to starting Who’s Your Mama Media.

**More photos, below**

MelissaMullenPhotography-SheSpeaks-7935MelissaMullenPhotography-SheSpeaks-7937Photos by Melissa Mullen of Melissa Mullen Photography


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