Season 2 – Episode 3: Lindsay Torrey, baker extraordinaire and cookie decoratrix, all around crafty lady, and one of those “outdoorsy moms.”

A mouth-watering chat with Lindsay Torrey, baker extraordinaire and cookie decoratrix, all around crafty lady, and one of those “outdoorsy moms” that I aspire to be.

In which we discuss the artists’ compulsion to make ALL THE THINGS yourself, the truth that yes you really do suck at first (but you DO get better!), how someone else’s faith in your abilities can light your spark, the cult cookie scene of Portland (ME), pregnant women addicted to sweet/salty treats, creative journeys taking WAY longer than expected, the great side-hustle debate continues (sometimes it’s the goal, sometimes it’s not – AND THAT’S OK!), a pep-talk for “indoorsy” types on how getting the kids outside actually makes parenting easier, the constant marination of the artists’ brain, and digging out from our hoarder piles of “potential” craft supplies. 



The Purple Door Studio

Tin Pan Bakery

Eating Portland Alive

Hobbies in the Hustle Era article

Mom to Mom of Maine

Kettle Cove State Park

Cookie Decorating videos rabbit hole 




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