The Podcast

Who’s Your Mama is a podcast dedicated to creative mamas! Each episode features chats with inspiring women who are balancing motherhood while still pursuing the things they love, both personally and professionally. Join host Corinne Mockler, a fellow mama living the struggle, as she gathers pearls of wisdom from ladies who are conquering the challenge of maintaining a creative identity while raising a family. Let’s reclaim our talents, hobbies and authentic selves together!

BE ON THE SHOW: If you know (or, if you ARE) a mama who is making time for what makes her soul sing, I would be honored to have you on the show. Use this submission form to nominate (or, self-nominate!).

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Season 1

Episode 1: Kristen Taylor & Liz Price-Kellogg – authors of For the Love of Food & Yoga and creators of Live Yum

Ep 2: Dr. Tamara Avant – Professor of Psychology and Gender Studies at South University

Ep 3: Stacy Zarin Goldberg – photographer of food, interiors, architecture and portraiture

Ep 4: Grey Catsidhe – blogger at The Ditzy Druid and co-founder of the Northern Rivers Grove

Ep 5: Savannah Patraw – Physical Therapist, Personal Trainer & Half-Marathon Runner

Ep 6: Dr. Jocelyn Mitchell – Assistant Professor in Residence at Northwestern University, Qatar

Ep 7: Bev Feldman – jewelry designer/blogger at Linkouture, and creator of the self-care workbook, The Busy Mom’s Guide to Creativity

Ep 8: Andrea Masters – runner and Assistant Director of Wellness at the University of Toledo

Ep 9: Kate Fisher – ceramicist, up-cyclist and creator of the Both Artist and Mother project

Ep 10: Lauren Bercovitch – filmmaker, producer & blogger at Grown Up Party and Grown Up Party TV, and director of the recently released short film, Big Lew

Ep 11: Delanie Holton-Fessler – artist, former teacher and co-creator of The Craftsman & Apprentice, in Denver, Colorado

Ep 12: Kelly Diels – Copywriter, Marketing Communications Specialist, Blogger, and (in the opinion of this podcaster) Highly Qualified Promoter of the F word

Ep 13: Sarah Cottrell – author, blogger at Housewife Plus, Bangor Daily News, Scary Mommy and elsewhere, and producer of the 2015 Listen to Your Mother show in Bangor, Maine

Ep 14: Rhea Pechter – artist, author and creator of the Little Stories for Tiny People podcast, which features original audio stories lovingly written and humorously performed by Rhea herself

Ep 15: Amber Hobbins – former teacher turned professional nanny and family road-tripper extraordinaire

Ep 16: Britney Gardner – national brand strategist, personal branding photographer and host of The Know, Like & Trust Show podcast

Ep 17: Molly O’Rourke – Owner of One & Supp, a floral and event design studio located in Midcoast Maine

Ep 18: Shira Richter – Interdisciplinary Visual Artist working to unapologetically increase awareness to the feminist politics of motherhood

Ep 19: Kelly Covert – co-owner of the Strong Body Whole Heart Podcast and Transformational Coaching Company

Ep 20: Lisa Porter – CEO and founder of The Women’s Coaching Academy, and the newly rebranded Spark and Profit coaching company and companion podcast

Ep 21: Kathleen Harper – certified life coach for mamas and author of The Well-Crafted Mom