Stay Creative Tools & Tips

Want to make time for creativity but don’t know how to logistically fit it into your already busy life? I’ve created some tools to help you Stay Creative because #momlife happens and it helps to have a few tricks up our sleeves!

The Stay Creative Planner (Printable PDF): After realizing that I quite literally had to time block the space I needed to create (and plan/reflect in a way that made that space feel intentional), I created the Stay Creative Planner  as a downloadable PDF for all you mamas out there – with Daily, Weekly, and Monthly layouts PLUS prompts to deepen your journey back to yourself! NOTE: This planner is UNdated, so you can use the layouts and prompts again and again (#thrifty).

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And for an even deeper dive, don’t forget my (Re)Discovering Creativity After Motherhood Workbook and Workshops!

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