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Hi there, mamas! So, I’ve admittedly been a bit under the radar for the past year or so…adultin’ but also workin’ away on The (Re)Discovering Creativity After Motherhood Workbook – which is ALMOST READY OMG! In the meantime, some super-exciting, big freakin’ announcements:

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Episode 22 – Announcements on Season 2, the Who’s Your Mama Workbook and What’s Next

SPECIAL SOLO SHOW – Announcements on Season 2, the Who’s Your Mama Workbook and what’s next. Thank you SO much for tuning in to Season 1 of Who’s Your Mama, a podcast dedicated to creative mamas! I’m hoping that the last 21 episodes, and the awesome mamas interviewed therein, have inspired you to give quality time to your authentic selves. You deserve it, mamas! (Full transcript available below show notes…)


Show Notes:

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A relaxing hike and lovely family photo
A relaxing hike and lovely family photo


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