Season 2 – Episode 7: Hannah Lamprey – founder of Fourth Trimester Collective

A chat of #realtalk solidarity with Hannah Lamprey, founder of Fourth Trimester Collective, an online provider guide and interactive calendar of events for Maine mothers to find support and connection in all aspects of their wellness.

We discuss mom-brains requiring new systems, making mom friends (IRL and on IG), realizing it’s OK to feel ALL the feels of motherhood (and that everyone else is feeling the feels too), the problem with not giving women the REAL story on “what to expect,” the isolation of early motherhood (and the resulting negative effects to our mental health), the contrasting beautiful relief of honest conversation (shout out to the moms sharing their truth!), navigating our own healing through big ideas that come from a place of service, and a call to arms for more support for the people who raise the people!

PLUS: Hannah and I both hint at what’s in store for Fourth Trimester Collective and Who’s Your Mama


Fourth Trimester Collective

Photo credit: Bonnie Durham Photography

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The Growing Movement in Maine for Self-Care After Motherhood

[Originally published in Essential Living Maine May/June 2019]

Maine has always been a choice location for young parents to raise families, and for the past decade or so, local organizations have existed to offer support in the form of new-parent education or playdates for stay-at-home-moms. And while that support is a necessary piece, a gap has existed when it comes to creating opportunities for mothers to tend to their mental and physical well-being, engage in social experiences without children, express themselves creatively, or even simply pursue interests and activities that make them feel whole, inspired, and autonomous.

Luckily, a growing number of Maine-based businesses and wellness spaces have been cropping up over the past couple of years. These women-owned businesses offer a variety of classes, workshops, experiences, and support for Maine mothers to practice self-care, rediscover themselves as individuals, and find like-minded folks.

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