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To best allow mamas to (Re)Discover Creativity with intention, I chose to first offer this workbook in “good old-fashioned” paper format. However, since we all absorb information differently I also created Video Lessons, with companion Worksheets, for your viewing pleasure!

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Video Lessons (Companion Worksheets, below):
Video 1: INTRO/VALIDATION – Who I am and why I created the material. Who the workshop is for, what you will create, and affirmation that you are entitled to be here.

Video 2: EXPECTATION – Unpack internal and external expectations and claim your creative intentions. Rewrite your story.

Video 3: INTUITION – Find your “happy place” and discover common themes. Color your truth.

Video 4: RECLAMATION – (Re)Connect with your inner child (and really listen to what she has to say). Follow the Breadcrumbs/Vision board.

Video 5: RECOGNITION – Truly see your strengths and “spin” your weaknesses. Create A Shrine to Yourself.

Video 6: AFFIRMATION – Find inspiration in the words of others (and yourself!). Fun with Mamantras®.

Video 7: PREPARATION – Narrow down your lists, do the research, and gather your resources.

Video 8: COLLABORATION – Figure out the logistical “how” to your desired “what” – Slow Down, Support & Outsource.

Video 9: ACTIVATION – Simplify your goals, aim for the low-hanging fruit, plan for continuous engagement, and celebrate the smallest (or biggest) of victories.

Companion Worksheets (follow the link to each, download, then open on your computer’s PDF-reader to fill out):

– Unpacking Expectations & Claiming Creative Intention

– Happy Place Observations & Common Themes

– Inner Child (Re)Connection

– Strengths & “Spin”

– Wisdom & Affirmations

– Prep Your List

– Slow Down, Support, Outsource

– Make a Plan, Light the Match

[General Materials Needed: Journal/paper & pen, Word/similar computer program, voice memo, or follow the links above to my Worksheets on Google Drive. Additional materials needed for mini-actions/projects listed below.]

– Rewrite Your Story

– Color Your Truth [Additional Materials Needed: Drawing paper, pencil & coloring medium of choice.]

– Follow the Breadcrumbs/Pinterest Vision Board [Additional Materials Needed: Pinterest account.]

– A Shrine to Myself [Additional Materials Needed: Container/box/tin, scissors, glue sticks, glue gun, coloring medium of choice, old magazines, personal memorabilia and scraps of inspirational miscellanea – invites to past events, matchbooks with interesting logos, beautiful wrapping paper, rocks or shells from your travels, etc.] *ADD LINK TO MY SHRINES*

– Fun with Mamantras® [Additional Materials Needed: Canva or Photoshop.] *LINK TO MY MAMANTRAS*

– Schedule Your Creativity [Additional Materials Needed: Calendar or planner of choice (digital or paper).]

Present a plan for continuous engagement with intentionally creating more space in your life for creativity. Also, feel free to share as many of the worksheets and creations from your (re)discovery process as you would like.

Use the workshop’s framework, worksheets, and mini-projects as guideposts for reflection, self-(re)discovery, inspiration, organization, resource identification, goal setting, and recognition of your inherent entitlement to create.

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